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Argue travels throughout the country (click here for
upcoming appearances) to give teacher-training workshops for physical therapists, occupational therapists, and other movement teachers from yoga, tai chi, and dance (click here for past appearances).

When invited to a city, Argue usually leads a full day teacher-training workshop on the first day. On the following day he leads a large public lecture demonstration for PD people and their caregivers. He invariably creates enthusiasm for joining classes. People often sign up on the spot. (click here for what people are saying).
He enjoys traveling and teaching, and he will welcome your inquiries and invitations. inquiry@parkinsonsexercise.com

People with Parkinson’s Disease need competent trainers to set up weekly ongoing exercise classes close to where they live. John Argue wants to help get such programs started. He has been offering such classes in the San Francisco Bay Area for eighteen years.

His book and video provide a complete lesson plan and study guide for such PD voice & movement training. Argue believes strongly that regular exercise programs can be offered not only in medical facilities but also in fitness centers, senior centers, YMCA’s, JCC’s, and church meeting rooms.

John Argue reserves all rights to the title "Parkinson’s Disease & the Art of Moving™” and "The John Argue Method™". However, permission to use these titles can be easily obtained by writing to one of the addresses below.

John Argue, 1795 Brandon Street, Oakland, CA 94611-4364, (510) 985-2645, jargue@pacbell.net



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